roof top solar

Roof Top Solar

roof top solar

Roof Top Solar Plants

ACDC Infra – A Green Energy Company Roof Top Solar Solar Energy solution for your Roof Top be it your Warehouse, Workshop, Factory, School, Institute, Hospital, Office or Home. Switch to Renewable Energy. Want to install a Grid connected Solar plant at your Farm house or Land to provide electricity to the Grid and earn money. We will do the mathematics for you. Investing in a solar power plant is a good idea and is going to save you a lot of money in the coming time while per Unit cost is rising day by day.Solar energy is the future and it would be better the soon people realize this truth. Today every gadget and home equipment is being powered by electricity and hence the bills are rising up.

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While picking up the project, ACDC Infra analyze the site after doing a proper survey so that required Load calculation (as per client’s requirement) and Designing could be done as per the Latitude & Longitude of the site. Our site engineers and electricians are competent enough to take care of your On Grid or Off Grid solar energy requirement and to install and commission the plant within lowest time period.