Solar Installation Company

Roof top

Roof Top Solar Plants

Solar system for your Roof Top be it your Warehouse, Workshop, Factory, School, Institute, Hospital, Office or Home. Switch to Renewable Energy NOW.

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Ground mount solar

Ground Mounted Solar

Want to install a Grid connected Solar plant at your Farm house or Land to provide electricity to the Grid and earn money. We will do the Maths for you.

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Solar Products

Solar Products

Want to use Solar Energy products for your home or workplace. We provide Solar Panels, Batteries, LED lights, Hybrid Inverters, Fans and much more.

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Solar Energy is the Future

Solar energy is the future hence it would be better the soon people realize this truth. Today every gadget and home equipment is being powered by electricity therefore the bills are rising up.

To control this rising bill and wasting money continuously paying to the electricity companies, one should rely upon its own power generation via Solar energy. Investing in a solar power plant is a good idea and is going to save you a lot of money in the coming time while per Unit cost is rising day by day.

ROI is expected within a maximum of 4 to 6 years however, the total life of solar PV modules is 25 years. We are the best Solar installation company with above 5 years of experience in installing ground mounted and roof top solar plants, in addition we also provide Subsidy on domestic solar plants. Use solar power and contribute towards a cleaner environment.

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Save on your Electricity bills

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Want to save on your Electricity bills or need a Free consultation or a Site Visit of your premises. We are happy to help you. Install solar power and become a responsible citizen. Need more information about Indian government initiatives on Solar Energy please Click here.