Save Your Environment

Use Solar Power

Installation and Commissioning of Grid Connected Solar plants

EPC of Domestic and Commercial Roof Top Solar Plants

Ground mount and Tracker based Solar Plants

With over 8 years of experience in Solar Energy sector, we have commissioned 250+ Mwp of Solar plants PAN India.

A+ Grade Mono & Bi -Facial Solar Panels and Rust Proof Module Mounting Structure.

Quick and satisfactory services with extended Defect Liability for peace of mind.

On Grid, Off Grid and hybrid Inverters available for Commercial and Domestic consumers.

Solar Installation

Solar and wind are infinite

At ACDC INFRA we simplify your Energy Requirements through planning and building a strategy so that you can SAVE BIG on your Electricity Bills and also protects the people you care about most by contributing towards Environment with ZERO Emissions.

  • ROI within 4 to 6 Years only
  • Utilize your Terrace and Tin Shed area
  • Send Surplus power to the Grid and get rebates
  • Low Maintenance and Hassle Free Power Generation

There is No Alternate to Renewable Energy

Solar energy is the future and it would be better the soon people realize this truth. Today every gadget and home equipment is being powered by electricity and hence the bills are rising up.

To control this rising bill and wasting money continuously paying to the electricity companies, one should rely upon its own power generation via Solar energy. Investing in a solar power plant is a good idea and is going to save you a lot of money in the coming time while per Unit cost is raising day by day.

Return of Investment

Whether it is a Commercial or a Residential Solar setup, ROI is expected within a maximum of 4 to 6 years wherein the total life of solar PV modules is 25+5 years.

Services We Provide !!!

Residential Roof Top

Solar Power solution for your Roof Top be it your Farmhouse or Villa. Switch to Renewable Energy and Save Environment.

Industrial Roof Top

Grid connected Solar Plant for your Workshop, Factory, School, Institute, Hospital for commercial usage.

Ground Mount Solar Parks

Installation and Commissioning services for large scale Solar Plants and Solar Parks on PAN India basis.

Business Opportunity

For Professionals

Branch Office

If you have Sales acumen, connect with us and open our Branch Office in your City or Town to extend the usage of Solar Power. We have a Revenue Sharing model in place which will help you fulfil your dreams towards becoming and Entrepreneur without spending Huge amount of Money.

THIS IS NOT A FRANCHISE !!! and is NOT Expensive

What you will get

  • Leads from your City
  • Office Branding
  • Installation Support
  • Marketing Material
  • Specialized Training
  • Revenue Sharing