Do You Know which Roof Top Solar Plant is the best?

Roof Top Solar Plant is your personal power house. Roof top solar is installed at home and commercial buildings. Factories, Warehouses, Colleges, Hospitals, Hotels and Malls are a few examples of commercial buildings. So, you can use it and save up to 70% on your current electricity bills. Solar Roof top plants are categorized in to three types:

  1. On-Grid Solar plant
  2. Off-Grid Solar Plant
  3. Hybrid Solar Plant
Roof top solar plant

On-Grid Solar Plant

You have an electricity connection available at your home or commercial building. Now you need to lower the electricity bills and hence looking to install solar power plant. On-Grid solar plant would be a good option because it will help you save up to 70% on current bills. All you need is a roof top with no shadow from nearby trees or buildings.

Firstly, Solar panels will be installed over module mounting structure and connected in multiple series. Secondly, an On-Grid Solar Inverter will be connected to convert DC power to AC power. Power supply from electricity DISCOM will be connected to the Inverter so that after sunset, power loss is minimal. Finally, you have got your own power house ready to generate electricity. On grid roof top solar plant comes with a remarkable saving on your bills.

Off-Grid Solar Plant

When you have a farmhouse or warehouse at a location where there is No power supply from electricity DISCOM. You may use a Diesel or Gas Genset for power generation however, local emission norms may not allow to do so in coming time. The best option left is to use Solar power with an off-grid type of setup.

An Off-Grid solar plant does not need an electric supply from DISCOM moreover, it uses a Battery Bank to start with. Off grid setup stores power for requirement arising after sunset. Power and Load calculations should be done prior to the installation.

Hybrid Solar Plant

This is the best type of roof top solar plant setup. The battery bank and Electric supply from DISCOM are both connected to the Inverter. The Hybrid Inverter smartly switches between alternate sources of power hence provides optimum output. This setup is the costliest of all however, is the most advanced and efficient setup.

Whenever there is a power cut at night, Hybrid inverter switches to the battery bank for the requirements. Once the supply from electric DISCOM is restored, it is used to recharge the batteries.

Wi-Fi Feature (Optional)

Now a days most of the brands are providing wi-fi enabled solar inverters. The Inverter is connected to the wi-fi and you can monitor the output performance anytime. Various parameters that could be monitored includes-

  1. total power generation
  2. transmission loss
  3. total power output
  4. battery discharge rate
  5. downtime

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